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Our Vision

At Oil Garden we believe in the healing properties of nature, which is why every bottle of Oil Garden essential oil and base oil is simply 100% pure and natural. We are passionate about preserving our environment and this is reflected in our products. We aim to minimise waste so 99% of all Oil Garden products are sold unpackaged. And none of our products have been tested on animals.

In every bottle of Oil Garden Aromatherapy you can rest assured that you are purchasing pure unadulterated nature, free from artificial fragrances and synthetic additives.


All Oil Garden Aromatherapy oils are tested exhaustively to ensure they are true to botanical species. All oils are tested by Gas Chromatography and back up analysis is carried out by Mass Spectrophotometry. In addition, oils are microbiologically checked to ensure optimum safety. Full testing ensures that no adulterants and synthetic additives are present.