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Baby Cloud Vaporiser

Baby Cloud Vaporiser
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The Baby Cloud Vaporiser has been designed with ultrasonic wave technology, which works on the vibration of water rather than heat, providing the purest way to release the medicinal properties of pure essential oils to benefit of the whole family.
It acts as a humidifier, without condensation and purifies and cleans the air.
Features include:
- Safe for the nursery
- Multi night-light setting
- 3 hours run time
- Whisper quiet
- USB power cord
- No heat, candles or chemicals

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How to use this product

How to use your Vaporiser:
1. Place on a flat surface.
2. Remove cover from the base. Fill with water to the max line. Add up to 6 drops of your desired Oil Garden Essential Oil Baby Blend.
3. Plug unit into USB port to power on.
4. Press the button at the front of the unit to
turn on your vaporiser. Light and mist will start.
5. To change light colour, click button to pause desired light colour.
6. To switch off press the same button, alternatively the unit will automatically switch off once the water has depleted after 3 hours of use.

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