22 October 2019

Safely using essential oils for that summer glow

With summer just around the corner (it’s so close, we can smell it… and it smells like salty air, freshly mowed grass and BBQ’s), we’re getting more excited at the thought of longer days and warmer weather. What we’re not looking forward to is cracked skin, sunburn, and those pesky outdoor insects. However, there’s an easy way to enjoy the outdoors in peace: all you need are a few essential oils.

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors this summer with these essential oils  

You’re probably familiar with essential oils being used around the home to lift your mood, induce sleep and alleviate anxiety, but did you know that you can also use essential oils on the body for a myriad of reasons in summer?

By applying directly onto the skin, you can enjoy the many benefits that essential oils have to offer. However, all you need to do is dilute the oils with a carrier oil like jojoba oil, avocado oil or sweet almond oil before applying onto the skin, because when used at their full strength, they can potentially cause burns, scarring or irritation. Just like with any new skin regime, it’s also a good idea to do a test patch on an inconspicuous area like your inner wrist to see if you will get an allergic reaction.

Essential oils for getting the most out of summer 

Lazy days spent at the beach, bottomless brunches and gardening are all outdoor activities that we enjoy more when the mercury rises. However, all that sun exposure can wreak havoc on our skins, no matter how much we ‘slip, slop, slap.’ 

Stay cool this summer. Here’s how you can use essential oils to your advantage as the weather heats up:

  1. Lavender essential oil: Need some sunburn relief? Lavender essential oil will soothe your sunburn discomfort and reduce redness and swelling due to its anti-inflammatory qualities. Just add 10 drops of the potent oil to a spray bottle with water and let the mist land gently onto your skin.
  2. Tea tree essential oil: We’re not the only ones who enjoy the heat: outdoor insects and bugs also seem to come out from wherever they were hiding to also bask in the sun’s rays. If you’ve been bitten by an insect, soothe any stings or bites with a bit of tea tree essential oil. Simply add one single drop of the pure essential oil to the tip of a cotton bud and apply onto the small area of the skin that is to be treated.
  3. Eucalyptus essential oil: Prevent further insect bites with eucalyptus essential oil. A natural pest repellent, eucalyptus also has a pleasant aroma and won’t harm the environment. Create your own mist with a spray bottle that is 1-part eucalyptus essential oil and 10 parts carrier oil. Reapply every three hours that you’re outside.
  4. Ylang ylang essential oil: Skin feeling a bit dry? Chlorine, air-conditioned offices, and sun exposure can have that effect. Give yourself a boost of some much-needed moisture with ylang ylang essential oil. Gently massage over the skin to give yourself an all-over glow.
  5. Lemon essential oil: If you’re the active type outdoors and you’ve just spent all day on your feet hiking through rough terrain, you might want to apply lemon essential oil onto the soles of your feet. Lemon oil soothes foot irritation from calluses and bunions. However, lemon oil is photosensitive, so apply only at night where skin will not be exposed to the sun.

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