11 September 2019

Tips on How to Properly Apply Serums & Oils to your Body


No doubt you’ve heard of the many magical benefits of essential oils, and you want in! Maybe you were gifted a bunch of essential oils (you lucky thing!) or unpacking your first Pure Essential Oils Starter Kit. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by how to use them, you’re not alone. 
Learning how to use your essential oils is a process, and we’re here to help. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be a pro in no time!

How to safely apply essential oils to your body

Essential oils are very concentrated and powerful substances. That’s why they must be handled with care. If they’re applied to your skin without being properly diluted by a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or avocado oil, then you are at risk of an allergic reaction, irritated skin, or even worse: burns. So, it’s important to know how to properly dilute and apply essential oils to the surface of your skin.

Here’s how to apply:

  1. Select a carrier oil: You need to combine an essential oil with a carrier oil before applying it to your body to dilute the effect. However, diluting will actually help your skin absorb more essential oils. We recommend jojoba oil, avocado oil, almond oil or any other variety from our range.
  2. Blend the carrier oil and essential oil: Our essential oil bottles come with recommended amounts to dilute. As a rule, go with about 12 drops of essential oil into 30mL of carrier oil.
  3. Perform a patch test: Determine whether or not your skin is too sensitive for that particular oil. Place one or two drops of the diluted oil on your inner wrist. Wait a few minutes and if there is no reaction, then you are safe to use it. It’s important to note that there are different types of reactions, ranging from itchy or red skin to more serious reactions such as changes in heart rate and breathing.
  4. Apply the oil into your skin: Put a small amount of the diluted oil on your fingers and rub in circular motions onto the areas of your skin you want to treat. Repeat as often as needed, three times a week.

Essential oil safety: what not to do

Now that you know how to apply your essential oils topically, there are a few things that you shouldn’t do!

  • Don’t dilute your essential oil with water, as water and oil do not mix
  • Don’t put essential oils in your eyes, nose, mouth, or other areas with sensitive skin
  • Don’t use essential oils near a naked flame or direct sunlight
  • Don’t apply undiluted essential oils to your skin. It’s that simple

All-natural, paraben-free essential oils from Oil Garden

Essential oils are very concentrated and powerful substances, so it goes without saying that you should only buy top quality essential oils from a supplier you trust.
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