Fur Friendly Essential Oils

Our pets are an extension of our family, we love them. That’s why it’s so important for us to look out for their safety when it comes to diffusing essential oils in the home.

The Do’s

The Do’s

Best Essential oils for safe use around dogs:

– Lavender
– Bergamot
– Chamomile
– Frankincense
– Cedarwood
– Geranium

Best Essential oils for safe use around cats:
– Roman Chamomile
– Frankincense
– Lavender

*How your dog/cat reacts to an essential oil will depend on many factors like size of the animal, size of the room etc. Always ensure when using essential oils around pets that you monitor their reaction and use it in small doses.


The Don’ts:e

The Don’ts:

Oils to avoid using around your pets:

X Aniseed
X Basil
X Eucalyptus- for cats
X Fennel
X Tea Tree
X Peppermint- for cats
X Citrus Oils
X Thyme
X Clove Bud
X Rosemary- for dogs
X Pine Needle
X Ylang Ylang

Staff Testimonials

“Since COVID Gigi has become a lot more stressed when left alone, I like to diffuse lavender when I leave Gigi on her own to help her feel more at ease.”

– Chloe & Gigi (picture)

“I like to spritz Bergamot before and after going to the beach. I use it before to settle Tucker before the big trip and after to mask the wet dog scent in the room”

Jenna & Tucker (picture)

“Dougy and I like to relax at night with some Roman Chamomile in our diffuser. Just a few drops is enough for Dougy to doze off”

Tahlia & Dougy (picture)

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