by Pat Princi-Jones our aromatherapy expert

One of the most talked about topics in our industry at present is regarding the ingestion of oils.

It’s really quite simple, pure essential oils should not be ingested unless prescribed by a healthcare practitioner because ingestion if administered incorrectly may carry health risks. Whereas when properly diluted in carrier oil or inhaled via a vaporiser and used with some level of knowledge, pure essential oils are safe, pleasurable and above all therapeutic and can greatly enhance a healthy lifestyle.

As someone who has been in the industry for decades and witnessed the great rewards of using the oils as directed, I strongly urge you to seek medical advice before you ingest. Irrespective of the brand, pure essential oils are highly potent, concentrated liquids which have to be diluted before use. Leading authorities would agree the ingestion of oils should only be administered by qualified clinicians.

Oil Garden is proudly Australian and has been providing pure essential oils since 1986. All our oils are tested and bottled here in Victoria to ensure you get the real benefits of using authentic, unadulterated oils. Our products are listed and regulated by Australia's independent, governing authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration. We source our oils from a worldwide network of farmers and producers.

There are many new brands emerging in the market place setting new rules and regulations in the practise of aromatherapy and making unsubstantiated claims. Complimentary therapies in Australia though highly regarded do not take the place of qualified practitioners and nor are companies selling essential oils in any position to treat, cure and diagnose. Inhalation and topical application are recommended by Oil Garden as the most effective methods of delivery of essential oils for most aromatherapy purposes whether emotional or physical.

All the Best
Pat Princi-Jones