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Body Lotion Tranquil & Calm 500mL

The crisp aroma of Eucalyptus and Peppermint is tempered by the woody base of Copaiba to wash away the burden of worry and concern and transport mind and body to a tranquil space.


Body Lotion Energise & Rejuvenate 500mL

The refreshing citrus notes of lemon, lime and bergamot are set against a delicate woody base of Cedarwood to invigorate and revitalise the senses for an ongoing energy boost


Body Lotion Focus & Clarity 500mL

Fresh and spicy notes of Lemon and Juniper Berry combined with Sweet Fennel create a purifying blend to stimulate the mind and restore mental clarity.


Tranquil and Calm Pack

Wash & Massage the Tranquil & Calm Pack into your skin to transport your mind and body to a peaceful place


Ultimate Indulgence Pack

Indulge in a moment of self-care with the ultimate body care pack formulated with skin-loving Pure Essential Oils.


Summer Scents Pack

The Summer Citrus Packs is a zesty, detoxing mix of Lemon Tea Tree 25mL, Mandarin 25mL and Pink Grapefruit 25mL. All Pure Essential Oils have been sourced, bottled and made in Australia.


Australian Scents Pack

The Australian Summer Scents pack is the ultimate nostalgic Australian Botanicals gift pack, featuring the Lemon Tea Tree 25mL, Blue Mallee 25mL and Peppermint Eucalytpus 25mL. All Pure Essential Oils have been sourced, bottled and made in Australia.


Festive Cheer Pack

A Christmas inspired gift pack, featuring our Luminous Diffuser and a Pine Needle 12mL pure essential oil. Gift the scent of Christmas


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Australian Mandarin 25mL

A pure essential oil with a tangy-sweet aroma, used to boost positivity.


Australian Fennel 25mL

Australian Fennel sourced from Tasmania is used to help clear the mind and calm the thoughts.


Australian Blue Mallee 25mL

A warm and clearing pure essential oil, used to freshen and cleanse the air around you for seasonal relief.


Australian Peppermint Eucalyptus 25mL

A Pure Essential Oil with a minty and refreshing scent, used to help rejuvenate and recover the mind and body.


Australian Lemon Tea Tree 25mL

Australian Lemon Tea Tree sourced from the outskirts of Byron Bay, with added Australian Lemon to create a strong, bright citrus scent!


Australian Pink Grapefruit 25mL

Australian Pink Grapefruit is a pure essential oil used to detox the mind and body.


Christmas Tree Bauble

A Christmas Tree inspired Pure Essential Oil blend 10mL, packaged in a festive bauble.


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Candy Cane Bauble

A Candy Cane inspired Chritmas Pure Essential Oil blend 10mL, packaged in a festive bauble.


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Gingerbread Bauble

A Gingerbread inspired Christmas Pure Essential Oil blend 10mL, packaged in a festive bauble.


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Luminous Diffuser

Bring light and love into your home and release the powerful benefits of nature in a bottle with the Luminous Ultrasonic Diffuser.


From The Heart Gift Set

Indulge in the nostalgic aroma of Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove pure essential oils with the added benefits of ultrasonic diffusion with the From The Heart Gift Set.


Immunity Guard Value Pack

Support your immune system naturally with nature’s most powerful pure essentials oils and the added benefit of ultrasonic diffusion in the Immunity Guard Value Pack. Pack Includes: 1x Oasis Ultrasonic Diffuser 1x Immunity Guard Essential Oil Blend 12mL


Oasis Ultrasonic Diffuser

Oil Garden Oasis Ultrasonic Diffuser - Purifies & Humidifies the Air - Multi coloured LED Lighting - Safe & Cool to Touch - Auto Switch Off - USB & Power Adaptor


Natural Wellness Trio

Support your wellbeing naturally with our most popular Natural Remedies Pure Essential Oil Blends. Includes: 1x Breathe Easier Essential Oil 12mL 1x Sleep Assist Essential Oil 12mL 1x Stress Relief Essential Oil 12mL


Mindful Scents Trio

A selection of our favourite Mindful Scents blended to uplift the mind and body, instill balance and serenity and release tension and anxiety. Includes: 1x Refresh & Renew Essential Oil Blend 12mL 1x Balance & Harmony Essential Oil Blend 12mL 1x Peace & Wellbeing Essential Oil Blend 12mL


Hazelnut Driftwood Diffuser

Experience the power of nature in a bottle and the endless benefits of ultrasonic diffusion with the Oil Garden Driftwood Ultrasonic Diffuser.


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