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Galentine’s Day Pack

Show special appreciation for the Love & Friendship in your life.


Rosy Days Pack

Balance and calm your mood with the sweet, soft note of Rose Geranium.


Fresh Start Pack

Uplift and refresh your mind and body.


From The Heart Gift Set

Indulge in the nostalgic aroma of Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Clove pure essential oils with the added benefits of ultrasonic diffusion with the From The Heart Gift Set.


Immunity Guard Value Pack

Support your immune system naturally with nature’s most powerful pure essentials oils and the added benefit of ultrasonic diffusion in the Immunity Guard Value Pack. Pack Includes: 1x Oasis Ultrasonic Diffuser 1x Immunity Guard Essential Oil Blend 12mL


Oasis Ultrasonic Diffuser

Oil Garden Oasis Ultrasonic Diffuser - Purifies & Humidifies the Air - Multi coloured LED Lighting - Safe & Cool to Touch - Auto Switch Off - USB & Power Adaptor

$49.99 29.99

Natural Wellness Trio

Support your wellbeing naturally with our most popular Natural Remedies Pure Essential Oil Blends. Includes: 1x Breathe Easier Essential Oil 12mL 1x Sleep Assist Essential Oil 12mL 1x Stress Relief Essential Oil 12mL


Mindful Scents Trio

A selection of our favourite Mindful Scents blended to uplift the mind and body, instill balance and serenity and release tension and anxiety. Includes: 1x Refresh & Renew Essential Oil Blend 12mL 1x Balance & Harmony Essential Oil Blend 12mL 1x Peace & Wellbeing Essential Oil Blend 12mL


Hazelnut Driftwood Diffuser

Experience the power of nature in a bottle and the endless benefits of ultrasonic diffusion with the Oil Garden Driftwood Ultrasonic Diffuser.

$49.99 29.99

3-IN-1 Ultrasonic Diffuser

Humidifier, air-purifier and night light all in one.

$39.99 23.99

Happy and Whole by Magdalena Roze

Wholefood recipes and ideas for nourishing your body, home and life by Magdalena Roze.


Self Care Pack

Pamper yourself with a DIY Spa Night.


I’ll Lift You Up Pack

Brighten up someone’s week, not just their day.


Baby Sleep Pack

Transform your baby’s sleep routine with the Baby Sleep Pack


Baby Cloud Vaporiser

The Baby Cloud Vaporiser has been designed with ultrasonic wave technology, which works on the vibration of water rather than heat, providing the purest way to release the medicinal properties of pure essential oils to benefit of the whole family.

$39.99 23.99

Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil 25mL

A calming, sensual, meditative and warming oil.

$54.99 32.99

Myrrh Pure Essential Oil 12mL

This oil is inspiring, warming and fortifying.

$54.99 32.99

Frankincense Pure Essential Oil 12mL

This oil is comforting and inspirational.

$52.99 31.79

Love & Friendship Essential Oil Blend 12mL

Share intimate moments with the one you love with nature’s most sensual essential oils.

$34.99 20.99