Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser

Diffuse pure essential oils in their purest form without heat, chemicals or toxins.



Mini Ultrasonic Diffuser
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Diffusing with ultrasonic technology is the purest way to realease the medicinal properties of pure essential oils.

This diffuser has been designed with ultrasonic wave technology, which works on the vibration of water rather than heat, leaving the unit cool to touch and safe to use in any setting.

Purifies & humidifies the air
Safe & cool to touch
5-6 hour run time
Auto switch off
USB connector

How to use this product

  1. Place on a flat surface.
  2. Remove the cover from the base. Fill with water to the max line. Add up to 6 drops of your desired Oil Garden Pure Essential Oil.
  3. Plug unit into the USB port to power on.
  4. Press the Mist button to turn on your vaporiser.
  5. Press the Light button to select the desired light setting.
  6. To switch off press the Mist button, alternatively, the unit will automatically switch off once the water has depleted.

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Posted by Rhiannon on 28 June 2019

I ordered my diffuser and oil on Wednesday and it arrived early on Friday! Such fast delivery. The oil smells amazing and fresh and this little diffuser is such a great addition to go next to my bed. Thank you guys! I love supporting Aussie biz!

Great value and effective

Posted by Denise on 21 May 2019

I love this diffuser, one of the best I’ve had! It doesn’t heat the oil which ruins the aroma, it looks great, runs for about four hours and everybody seems to want one once they seen mine! I’m about to place another other order for three friends who have birthdays in June. Spreading the oily love

Affordable, Light Weight, Works Great

Posted by Leah on 20 April 2019

I bought this for my workplace as it was reasonably priced. Very happy with how it works. USB cable to plug into phone charger or PC, Laptop. Not completely quiet, quiet bubbling. Light Options. Auto Turn off which is great. I thought being small you wouldn’t smell it in a large area. But it’s quite effective. I work in Dental Reception

Very Nice

Posted by Andrew Martin on 8 April 2019

Love the design of this diffuser. also works great!


Posted by Jade on 26 December 2018

Received this item for Chistmas and I’m over the moon with it! Haven’t turned it off since I got it! Would 100% recommend!

Love this diffuser

Posted by Patricia on 19 September 2018

We bought this for our baby room at Woolworths for a half. Price promotion they had ($15) we love it! My sisters have since bought the diffusers as well and were happy to pay full price . Small, easy to use, changing light colour option, nice looking, fills the room with aroma. We will purchase another one In time :)