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Rose Gold Ultrasonic Vaporiser Pack

Rose Gold Ultrasonic Vaporiser Pack
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Invite the scent of Christmas into yours and your loved ones homes with our limited edition Christmas Rose Gold Vaporiser Pack. Recieve a FREE 10mL White Christmas Pure Essential Blend delicately blended with Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Clove to create a scent that evokes a sense of comfort and Christmas spirit.

Use the Rose Gold Ultrasonic Vaporiser to diffuse essential oils in a safe, effective and pleasant way to reap the benefits of the oils therapeutic benefits and create ambience. Designed with ultrasonic wave technology, which works on the vibration of water, rather than heat allowing the unit to stay cool to touch and safe for all the family.

The Rose Gold Ultrasonic Vaporiser is designed to be used with a USB port.

How to use this product

Step 1: Place on a flat surface in a safe and convenient position.
Step 2: Gently remove the cover to the rose gold cover as well as the unit cover from the base.
Step 3: Fill the unit until it reaches the maximum line. Do not overfill.
Step 4: Add 3-5 drops of your favourite Oil Garden pure essential oil, or blend and replace both covers.
Step 5: Click the button on the base to turn your vaporiser on.
Step 6: To switch off, press the button once. Vaporiser will automatically turn off when the water is depleted.


White Christmas Oil: Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove

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