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As a sleep specialist and guest writer for Oil Garden, it’s my pleasure to bring my expertise to YOU to ensure you’re getting restful sleep. 

In our modern day world it can be difficult to get that 8 hours of deep sleep that we all know we need to function at our best. We are obsessed with busy-ness, celebrate exhaustion over personal wellness and engage in unhealthy behaviours that can disrupt our ability to get a good night’s sleep. Overall I have found that as a society we have a contemporary sleep crisis and sorely underestimate the importance of sleep for our mental and physical health. 

Getting a poor night’s sleep will affect your mental focus & performance and negatively affect your body’s ability to regulate hormones, including the stress hormone cortisol. All of which can affect other brain functions, like emotions, decision making and even appetite. So it’s super important to stick to a healthy and holistic sleep routine to ensure you are feeling your very best!

Fortunately, my solutions here are straightforward, simple and can be implemented tonight - which equates to you feeling great tomorrow. Enjoy! 




Set a Bedtime Alarm.

We know social media is the devil (and addictive), but how often have you forgotten that you’re meant to be switching off and suddenly it’s 12am and you’re 8 pages deep on someone’s feed? Same. Make it easy by setting an alarm for the time you’ll switch off from social, which gives you that extra nudge you need. 


Diffuse Lavender.

Holistic options are best for sleep. Lavender, in particular, is clinically proven to reduce anxiety and improve symptoms of insomnia and promote calmness within the brain. Diffuse Oil Garden Lavender Oil straight after your bedtime alarm - you’ll be unwinding without even realising. 

Use Mind Dump



Use Mind Dump.

An inability to ‘switch off’, excessive stress and anxiety can be amended via the process of a mind dump, as found by researchers at School of Psychology, Xinxiang Medical University (2018). The act of writing down everything you’re stressing/thinking about before bed forces your mind to slow down, simply because you can’t write as fast as you can think.



After you’ve done the above. You’ve heard it’s the ideal antidote to stress - I am sure. But.. do you find it hard? Many people do! The key is to meditate after you’ve performed the steps above: in doing so, your mind is already in a calmer, more tranquil state. Perfect for those with busy minds, for those who have tried it and been unable to switch off or absolute beginners. I recommend the app Headspace.

And finally, link in with me on Instagram @oliviaarezzolo! I give daily sleep tips in my stories and post up when my feature articles are posted too. Professional support over time is another key to success! 

Written by Sleep Specialist Olivia Arezzolo 

Bio: Olivia is a Sleep Specialist (Bachelor of Social Science - Psychology; Certificate of Sleep Psychology; Diploma of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine, Certificate 4 in Fitness). Receive more of her simple sleep solutions via her Instagram stories, weekly emails or info-rich website.

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