Oil Garden Loves

Oil Garden Loves

Just Breathe

Help fight congestion… A natural and effective solution to clear airways, helping you to breathe easier and refresh your mind and body.

The 100% Pure Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Mint & Myrtle are traditionally used in aromatherapy to help decongest a blocked nose and can be found in our Breathe Easier Blend – the perfect natural remedy for winter!

This powerful blend can also be utilised to help relieve:

  • Mild Upper Respiratory Infections
  • Symptoms of Cold & Flu
  • Mucous Congestion
  • Bronchial Coughs
  • Sinusitis

The Oil Garden Breathe Easier range is available in many easy to use formats: Breathe Easier Essential Oil Blend, Roll On, Chest Rub and more!

All products are 100% pure and natural, Australian made, contain no nasties or synthetics and are CCF Registered.



Lavender Essential Oil – Mother Nature’s amazing gift to us!
With a fresh, herbaceous floral scent from the radiant purple flowers from which it is distilled – lavender is a scent that will evoke memories for all.

Lavender is used in many different formats from – scenting linen, perfuming potpourri and even in insect repellent!
Lavender is a settling, restorative and balancing blend for both the mind and body. Diffuse in your bedroom to aid in a restful night’s sleep, or add to your bath (along with a tablespoon of milk) to calm and soothe.

Feeling stressed – create a massage blend utilsing Lavender to calm and regenerate mind and body.

With some many uses, you can see why Lavender is one of our favourite oils!

Lavender: Relaxing, Settling, Nurturing, Balancing

Spring Dreaming

The season is a burst of colour and new life! A period of hibernation leaves open the door for change and transformation!

Spring is a time for cleansing! Here are some of our favourite Spring Essential Oil Blends:

Citrus Splash – perfect for diffusing!

Diffuse: Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime and Bergamot to bring the freshness of Spring Season into your home, instantly.

Cleaning your home: Mix 10 drops of Orange and 10 drops of Eucalyptus into half a cup of Vinegar and 500mL of water.
Use this to wipe down your benches, floors and bathrooms.

Hydrate and Revive Skin

Spritz yourself with the enticing scent of precious rose petals to renew, hydrate and balance. Apply regularly throughout the day to refresh and delicately scent the skin.

As nature reawakens, pollen from flowers, grasses and trees rise in the air and many of us experience the symptoms of itchy eyes and a runny nose. If you suffer from Hay Fever, you may miss the beauty of spring. Utilise the Oil Garden Hay Fever Blend to help bring relief to your symptoms and enjoy the season!