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Free Shipping On Orders Over $100

What is Instant Checkout?

We’re introducing a new way of paying on! Instant checkout allows you to pay instantly without the hassle of entering your payment details every time you checkout online. It works on every online store that offers “instant checkout”.

Please note: Paypal and Afterpay is still offered at our general checkout.



How do I change my address or credit card?

You’re able to change your preferred address and credit card in the instant checkout dashboard.

What does the 5-minute timer mean?

Every transaction you use with “instant checkout” a 5 minute timer begins. This allows you time to cancel the transaction, enter a promotional code, enter a different address or credit card. After the timer ends, your transaction will be processed.

I want to cancel my order.

You are able to cancel your order within 5 minutes. This will not deduct any funds from your nominated bank account. A cancellation email will be sent to your email address. Once the 5 minute timer expires, the funds will be automatically deducted. If you wish to cancel your order then, simply contact our customer service team.

Will I be charged shipping every time I check out a different product?

No. We can recognise that the order is made by the same customer therefore your total will be recalculated to exclude the shipping fee when the threshold is reached.

How do I receive my gift during promotional periods? 

To redeem your gift with purchase during promotional periods, please use “ADD TO BAG” button to make a full cart checkout.