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Born in Byron Bay

From farm to bottle, here is our story

Our Story

From humble beginnings something big has grown. With over 30 years experience, Oil Garden enjoys success as one of the leading Pure Essential Oil brands in Australia.

In 1985 on a tea tree plantation situated in the outskirts of Byron Bay, our very first Pure Essential Oil was harvested by hand, distilled and bottled.

The powerful healing and antiseptic properties of the organic tea tree plant was the beginning of something special. Today Oil Garden offers a complete portfolio of Pure Essential Oils, Organic Skincare and related products. We sustainably source the purest oils from the best growing conditions around the world, delivering genuine value without compromise on quality.

Our Inspiration

We believe in the healing properties of nature. Every bottle of Oil Garden essential oils is simply 100% pure and natural. You can rest assured that all of our products are pure uncompromised nature.

Our Philosophy

With over 30 years experience, Oil Garden offers a complete portfolio of Pure Essential Oils, Organic Skincare and related products with a focus on purity, quality and value for all of our customers.



Inspired by nature, all of our products are plant based with no harsh chemicals, parabens or synthetic fragrances.



Born in the outskirts of Byron Bay, Oil Garden is 100% Australian owned and offers over 30 years of industry experience and expertise.



Every drop of our Pure Essential Oil undergoes stringent QA testing in Australia to guarantee its quality and purity.



We love animals and nature. We avoid animal derived ingredients and we do not test on our furry friends. All of our products are certified cruelty free.

See what inspires Pat Princi-Jones

Our Aromatherapy Expert

With so many essential oils on the market it is hard to know where to turn to for expert advice. At Oil Garden we believe in the powerful healing properties of nature for your health and wellbeing. We understand the importance of providing expert advice and support to ensure safe methods of use.

Our in house aromatherapy specialist Pat Princi-Jones, has over 30 years of industry experience and is an associate member of the International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA). Pat is our guru and inspiration with boundless knowledge and endless love of Pure Essential Oils.

“Since the first encounter with Jasmine over 30 years ago I have never looked back and to this very day marvel at the wonder of this ancient practice. Whether enjoying the delights of bathing in lavender scented water to soothe my aching muscles, moisturising my skin with jojoba and Frankincense or simply enjoying the delights of vaporising one of my favourite oils such as geranium to restore emotional balance, pure essential have always enriched all aspects of my life.” – Pat Princi-Jones

UNSW Sydney: BA English History, Diploma in Education. Certificate IV in workplace Training. Aromatherapy 1, ACNM. Awarded Associate Membership IAAMA 2015.