09 September 2019

6 Magical Uses for Frankincense This Winter


When winter season pops up, our immune system defences generally go down. We’re more susceptive to getting colds and flu, but it doesn’t make much sense to reach for the cough medicine after we’ve gotten sick. 
Prevention is better than cure, which is why we’re highlighting the amazing benefits of Frankincense essential oil to help you get through the cold season.

The many benefits of Frankincense, the quintessential winter oil

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Frankincense has something to do with a mad scientist from an 18th century gothic novel. Let’s be frank: not many of us are familiar with this oil other than its historical usage. 
For more than 5000 years, Frankincense has been traded around the world and was referred to as the “king of oils.” You’ll be shocked at its wonderful and magical healing properties of this essential oil (pun intended). Whether you’re seeking relief from arthritis or want to improve digestion, here are 6 ways to use Frankincense in the winter for a happier, healthier life:

  1. When you feel mild asthma coming on: In winter, asthma sufferers are more likely to experience a trigger due to inhaling mould, dust mites and even fires in the fireplace. Frankincense is both calming and supportive to the respiratory system, so adding Frankincense to a room diffuser and inhaling it may help clear your lungs.
  2. When you’re feeling down: As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, you might find yourself feeling a little bit down. Your energy levels might not be as high as they are in the warmer months. Frankincense can help improve your mood and alleviate anxiety. Add Frankincense Pure Essential Oil to a room diffuser, close your eyes, and inhale deeply – you’ll start to feel more positive in no time.
  3. When you feel a cold coming on: Frankincense has immune-boosting and purifying properties, so inhaling it regularly can help you get through the season by dodging bacteria and other airborne nasties.
  4. When you want to relax and unwind: Frankincense is one of the best ways to assist with relaxation. Simply apply to your temples to help keep you calm and focused. Don’t forget to mix with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or avocado oil before applying directly to your skin to avoid irritation.
  5. When your skin is a little too dry: When added to your favourite moisturiser, Frankincense oil can help soothe and regenerate dry skin due to its healing properties. Apply to your hands and face to prevent dryness. 
  6. When you’ve got winter aches and pains: When it’s cold outside, your arthritis may play up. If your joints are hurting, try massaging them with Frankincense diluted with carrier oil. 

Treat winter ailments the natural way with Frankincense

If your favourite winter activity is going back inside and putting your pyjamas on, Frankincense will give you a new lease on life. Brave the cold and dodge sickness with this powerful essential oil.

Surround yourself with essential oils, not negativity. Find your escape from winter with all-natural, paraben-free Frankincense essential oil from Oil Garden.