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Breathe Easier Essential Oil Blend 25mL

Breathe Easier Essential Oil Blend 25mL
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The powerful decongestant effects of Eucalyptus and Mint essential oils have been traditionally used in aromatherapy to help relieve symptoms of cold and flu including, mucous congestion, sinusitis, mild upper respiratory infections and bronchial coughs, while the gentle action of Myrtle essential oil has been used to help promote restful sleep.

How to use this product

Adults and children 2 years and over,use as required or up to 6 times a day):
Vaporisation:Add up to 6 drops (0.3mL) to the water in your vaporiser.
Massage: Add 5 drops (0.2mL) to 10mL carrier oil and massage


Each mL of PURE ESSENTIAL OIL contains essential oils from: Eucalyptus, Mint and Myrtle.

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