Travel Diffuser Pod

The Travel Diffuser Pod allows you to take your Pure Essential Oils anywhere, anytime.
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Travel Diffuser Pod
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The Travel Diffuser Pod allows you to take your Pure Essential Oils anywhere, anytime.

Using cold diffusion technology, the essential oil is converted into micro-fine vapour without using heat and water. The waterless diffusion process does not damage the molecular structure, which can help to provide easier absorption into the body. Ideal for use during exercise, for travel or in the car.


  • Travel Diffuser Pod
  • USB charging cable
  • 1 x glass bottle
  • 1 x 25mL tube
  • 1 x 12mL tube
  • Operation Manual

Warranty: 12 months


Within our range of diffusers, the Travel Diffuser Pod operates without the need for water to power its mechanism. Consequently, it may not provide a completely silent or quiet experience when compared to diffusers utilizing water.

How to Use

1. Hold the diffuser body firmly and twist off the lid from the “butterfly wings” in the middle of the diffuser.
2. Hold the lid firmly and take out the empty oil bottle to replace with your favourite Oil Garden Pure Essential Oil.
3. Make sure the Pure Essential Oil bottle is firmly installed in the lid and then put it back into the diffuser body.
4. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on or off.
5. Take your diffuser wherever you want to go!


Made with 100% recycled plastic.

Oils to use with the Diffuser

Our Natural Remedies Range harnesses the power of 100% Pure Essential Oils expertly blended to enhance health, wellbeing & mood naturally.