Cold Sores?

Try this tip to help provide natural relief

Try this powerful oil


Add one drop of AUSTRALIAN SANDALWOOD to the end of a cotton tip and directly apply onto cold sore to fight infection

Australian Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil 12mL

Oil Garden
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Transcend to a meditative space with Australian sandalwood essential oil. Its woody and sweet scent is an exotic explosion to the mind yet is somehow both a relaxant and a sedative: this powerful combination is guaranteed to help release nervous tension and melt away stress when inhaled. Native to India but used widely throughout the world – namely burned in Buddhist temples due to its calming aroma – sandalwood oil is enjoyed for its many benefits, including the promotion of smooth skin. 

Sandalwood oil can also be used for the temporary treatment of catarrh and laryngitis. Due to its soothing, warming effect on the body as well as its antibacterial properties, slowly breathe in this essential oil to be back on your feet in no time. Similarly, you can use sandalwood oil to treat cystitis by drawing a bath, adding a few drops to the hot water and lying in it for 15 minutes.

For the treatment of insomnia, enhancing your mood, or even aiding in the relief of inflammation of your vocal cords: this powerful essential oil is a great addition to your collection. Buy sandalwood oil online from Oil Garden, Australia’s trusted essential oil retailer, and enjoy the many benefits of this versatile essential oil.

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