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DIY Facial Oil for every skin type

Face oils are amazing for keeping your skin nourished, healthy and for giving you that post-yoga glow we all love!

DIY Facial Oil for every skin type

Face oils are amazing for keeping your skin nourished, healthy and for giving you that post-yoga glow we all love!

However, it’s important to recognise that not everyone’s skin is the same and our skin condition often changes based on weather, hormones, travel & stress. So we’ve put together a pure essential oil skin bible so you can tailor your very own facial oil to match your skin.

STEP 1 – Choose Your Base Oil

This will make up the main majority of your oil. Your base oil should depend on your skin type and how heavy & lightweight you would like it to be.
Avocado Oil – Extremely hydrating – perfect for dry skin!
Jojoba Oil – A nourishing base oil that’s great for normal skin.
Sweet Almond Oil – A mild base oil that’s perfect for combination skin.
Rosehip Oil – Add a few extra drops to boost the performance of your chosen base oil. Great for sensitive skin, it is gentle & calming properties assist to reduce redness and irritation.

STEP 2 – Choose Your Pure Essential Oil

Pure Essential Oils have been widely used for their skincare benefits from reducing scarring, helping to tone, balance, brighten & smooth skin along with clearing acne.

Choose from the following oils for their amazing skin healing properties:

  • Tea Tree – Amazing antibacterial properties great for helping to calm acne. (Use with care on sensitive skin).
  • Ylang Ylang – A deep exotic aroma that provides soothing & hydrating benefits (3 drops is sufficient).
  • Geranium – Amazing for toning, balancing & treating blemishes.
  • Lavender – Effective soothing properties, great to help calm irritated skin
  • Bergamot – Great for balancing & healing (avoid use in direct sunlight)
  • Sweet Orange – Helps to brighten & also great for oil control (plus it’s super refreshing)

STEP 3 – Create your facial oil

– Add 2 tablespoons of your chosen base oil to a glass dish
– Add 3-6 drops of your chosen pure essential oil to the base oil & combine (You can combine 2 oils – e.g. 3 drops tea tree and 2 drops bergamot to treat acne)
– Transfer into your preferred glass bottle with dropper cap

Organic Rose Hip Oil 25mL

Don’t waste your money with expensive over-the-counter skin creams and medical procedures – instead, why not go straight to Mother Nature for all your skin concerns? Go natural and treat your largest organ to rosehip essential oil from Oil Garden. Loaded with skin nourishing vitamins, such as vitamin C and A, and rich in essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, achieve healthy, radiant skin when you add rosehip to your daily beauty routine.

Want to reduce the appearance of scar tissue, sun damage and stretch marks? Or perhaps you want to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that have formed on your face? Rosehip oil is an exquisite cosmetic skin oil that helps regenerate and repair all skin types and conditions, whether sensitive or oily. From removing dark circles under your eyes to soothing eczema and dermatitis, simply massage onto damp skin each day and night or as required for a natural, healthy and beautiful complexion. Best of all, organic rosehip oil is so safe to use that it can be applied on a newborn baby or a grandparent.

Keep your skin looking youthful and firm with organic rosehip oil. With similar effects to sweet almond oil, the antioxidants in rosehip oil helps fight the free radicals responsible for aging, and the combination of vitamin A and fatty acids play a role in enhancing the skin’s tone and texture. This means it can also help with uneven pigmentation. 

Packed full of natural goodness, buy rosehip oil and add to your essential oils collection today to achieve a healthy glow that will have strangers complimenting your appearance wherever you go.


Sweet Almond Oil 200mL

An enriching essential and massage oil, sweet almond oil is suitable for moisturising the skin through massage and is also ideal for aromatherapy blending. Naturally rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, sweet almond oil offers deeply nourishing properties that work to hydrate and soothe the skin. Oil Garden provides only the best of what nature has to offer, which is why our organic almond oil is cold pressed and produced without chemicals or heat to ensure the optimum concentration of all the natural nutrients that are found in the original Almond Kernel. Bottled right here in Australia, our sweet almond oil offers a number of health benefits. From balancing your complexion and aiding sunburn to calming itching and soothing inflammation, this powerful plant extract boasts everything truly wonderful about nature.


Jojoba Oil 100mL

Jojoba oil is a light oil, rich in Vitamin E, which penetrates easily into the skin and is very suitable for oily and combination skin types. Suitable for face and body of both adults and babies. Jojoba oil has the longest shelf life of all the carrier oils as it is a liquid wax and does not oxidise. Buy jojoba oil today to enjoy the benefits of this rejuvenating essential oil.

Keep your skin smooth, supple and moisturised all year round with jojoba oil. Recommended for people with sensitive skin, jojoba oil is also safe for your baby. Containing a balance of skin healing vitamins such as vitamins A, D and E, this essential oil can penetrate and fill the gaps between skin cells – this means it protects the skin against accelerated aging as well as being antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic.

From calming and soothing eczema and burns to sun damage, stretch marks and uneven skin tone, you’ll soon realise why this essential oil is such a closely guarded beauty secret. We supply jojoba oil in two convenient sizes for you: 100ml and 25ml. Buy online now from Oil Garden and add to your essential oils collection.


Avocado Oil 100mL

A heavy oil which is useful for treating dry and mature skin as it penetrates into the deeper layers of skin. Contains Vitamins A and D, protein and essential fatty acids.