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Feeling Anxious?

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Mix the below in 1tbs of Jojoba Oil and apply onto chest and back of neck.

*Do not use during pregnancy

Lavender Pure Essential Oil 25mL

Suffering from insomnia? You might have heard that lavender is one of the best and most natural ways to combat a sleepless night. Simply spritz a few drops onto your pillow and voilà – the sweet scent will help you relax and carry you away into a deep sleep. But did you know that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many amazing healing benefits of pure lavender essential oil?


Often described as ‘a medicine cabinet in a bottle,’ lavender is usually one of the first essential oils bought when beginning an aromatherapy journey. Many cultures have been enjoying the effects of this beautiful purple flower in its many different forms for centuries – it was even used in the embalming process in Ancient Egypt. Whether inhaled, dried, or applied directly onto the skin, there’s many medicinal, therapeutic and practical benefits to all-natural lavender essential oil.


Enhance your relaxation game by blending sandalwood essential oil with the soothing scent of lavender and breathing in deeply as you sit in a quiet room. Even a quick whiff from the bottle can help stave off anxiety and stress as you go about your daily tasks. Due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, lavender essential oil can also help soothe irritated skin that is caused by sunburns, diaper rash, or eczema. Bitten by an insect? Lavender not only soothes the pain, but it can also prevent the bite the next time around! Just make sure you dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil for safe application. 


For the treatment of headaches, insect bites, or to destress and relax, pure lavender essential oil is a great ally to have when you’re feeling less than 100%. Buy lavender oil online from Oil Garden, Australia’s trusted essential oil retailer.


Vetiver Pure Essential Oil 12mL

This oil is nourishing and promotes abundance and self-esteem. Also useful for: Circulation and muscle aches.


Neroli in Jojoba Oil 12mL

This oil is reassuring, restorative and settling. Also useful for: Stress, mild anxiety, nervous tension and insomnia