Pine Needle Pure Essential Oil 12mL

This oil brings ispiration and restores self esteem.



Pine Needle Pure Essential Oil 12mL
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This oil brings inspiration and restores self esteem.
Also useful for: Catarrh, coughs, sore throat, rheumatoid arthritis and muscle pains.

How to use this product


Create your own personal aromatic environment and balance emotional wellbeing. HOW: Choose 3 essential oils. Add a total of 5 drops to the water your Oil Garden diffuser. As the mist rises it carries the pure essential oil particles into the surrounding air.


Nourish and rejuvenate the body while experiencing the healing benefits of pure essential oils. HOW: Choose 3 essential oils. Add a total of 5 drops of essential oil to 10 ml of carrier oil and gently massage over the skin. The oils are absorbed into the body via the hair follicles working from within to improve general wellbeing. Do not use during pregnancy


Pinus sylvestris twig leafy 1mL/mL


COURAGE: To promote self courage and determination, VAPORISE. 1 drop Pine Needle 2 drops Frankincense 2 drops Mandarin

SORE JOINTS: To soothe sore joints mix the recipe below in 1tbs of Jojoba oil and MASSAGE on to the affected area. 2 drops Pine Needle 2 drops Chamomile German 1 drop Juniper Berry

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Camphor-like and woody scent

Posted by PETAL on 25 January 2018

Pine essential oil can have a lovely forest-like scent. When I sniffed my bottle of Oil Garden pine essential oil, it had a camphor or turpentine quality with a hint of woodiness. When I vaporised the Oil Garden pine essential oil in an electric vaporiser or diffused the oil in an ultrasonic diffuser, it had a woody scent with a warm undertone. The scent throw was stronger with the electric vaporiser. When I had almost finished vaporising or diffusing the pine oil, the scent developed more depth.

I use the oil for my sinus problem.

Posted by GARY on 25 January 2018

I use the oil for my sinus problem. The doctor put me on to it, just put a couple of drops on a cotton bud and just put into nostrils only a small way in. I have had trouble for years and the oil worked in just a few days. All my puffy face and air ways are the best they have been in years love it. Has cut down my snoring as well.