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Need to Relax?

Try this tip to help provide natural relief

Try this meditative recipe


Vaporise the below oils to help you relax

*Use with caution as excess can cause headaches and nausea

Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil 25mL

A calming, sensual, meditative and warming oil. Also useful for: Stress, mild anxiety, irritability, mood swings, nervous tension and insomnia


Orange Pure Essential Oil 25mL

This oil promotes self-confidence, courage and creativity. Also useful for: Colds, coughs, muscular cramps and spasms.


Jasmine in Jojoba Oil 12mL

This oil is sensual and euphoric. Also useful for: Stress, mild anxiety, nervous tension and menstrual cramps.


Try this meditative blend


Add 6 DROPS OF RELAX & UNWIND OIL GLEND of to your vaporiser to relax

*Application to skin may increase sensitivity to sunlight.

Relax & Unwind Essential Oil Blend 12mL

Oil Garden


Feel life’s tensions slip away, relax the soul and soothe the spirit with a blend of sweet and sensual essential oils.